Sadaq Jalal

Sadaq Jalal is the Executive Director with over 35 years of executive leadership experience leading organizations within the waste management and professional services industries. Sadaq is a poised senior leader known for developing long-lasting relationships with corporate, government, and community leaders. His strong communication skills, paired with high emotional intelligence, lends to gaining support from the highest levels of influencers. Sadaq possesses direct client relationships with over 100 industry leaders across all verticals, including financial, medical, real estate, and government. He has a proven career history of managing large, complex organizations of up to 10,500+ employees and revenue of $150M plus annually.

His expertise includes global sales leadership, key account management, performance management, and strategic partnerships. He is deeply passionate about empowering undeserved and disadvantaged populations through employment opportunities.

Prior joining Urbazer, he served as a President of Integrated Parking Services (IPS), a premier professional valet and parking management company in the United Arab Emirates. As the President, he was responsible for entire P&L of the organization, currently valued at $10M USD per annum. He provided strong company leadership, including the establishment of short- and long-term business objectives and served as the public face of the company.
Sadaq serves across various executive boards like Aviserv India, Arabian Gulf Facility Management, Modern Building Maintenance.
Sadaq Jalal is the chairman for Aviserv limited which has been servicing Heathrow airports and it’s operators for nearly 20 years which has a turnover of approx $10million.